The members of the committee

The Restitutions Committee comprises lawyers, a historian and an art historian.

A. Hammerstein (Chair)

lawyer; formerly justice in and later deputy advocate general at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, former president of the Court of Appeal in Arnhem, former extraordinary state councillor of the Council of State.

J.H.W. Koster
lawyer; counsel in Amsterdam.

J.H. van Kreveld
lawyer; former extraordinary state councillor of the Council of State and former justice of the Central Appeals Tribunal; before that a lawyer with the Province of Friesland and the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Justice, and also a part-time professor at the Universities of Tilburg and Groningen; currently chair of the external review committee of the Province of South Holland.

D. Oostinga
lawyer; former notary; director and advisor of various organizations.

E.H. Swaab (vice-chair)
lawyer; has held senior positions in and served on the boards of a range of cultural and social organizations.

G.N. Verschoor
art historian; director of CODART, author, was member of the Museum Acquisitions since 1933 Committee.

C.C. Wesselink
cultural historian; lecturer and researcher at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in the art and culture of the interwar period, Second World War and post-war reconstruction.



To perform its duties, the Restitutions Committee enlists the support of its secretariat. The secretariat comprises the following staff: Mr E.J.A. Idema (General Secretary) and Ms T. Brandse (office manager).

They look after the day-to-day affairs and prepare the Committee meetings.

The Committee’s secretariat is located at Lange Voorhout 13 in The Hague.