The Restitutions Committee has the task to advise the Minister of OCW on his request about decisions regarding the restitution of cultural goods from the State Collections, including artworks from the NK-collection. Until 30 June 2015 the committee had to perform this task taking special government policy in regard. This special government policy will be active until 30 June 2015 regarding claims on objects from the NK-collection.

The government policy regarding restitution of works of art is based largely on the recommendations of the Ekkart Committee to the government. These recommendations were issued in three stages:

a. Intermediate recommendations regarding private art property (april 2001)

b. Recommendations regarding art dealerships (january 2003)

c. Closing recommendations (december 2004)

The government adopted the intermediate recommendations on general lines and the recommendations regarding art dealerships and the closing recommendations fully, through which they became part of government policy.