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Overview of recommendations and binding opinions 2002 – present


Van Praag

Report number: RC 1.191

Advice date: 1 February 2024

Vechtende kaartspelers door onbekende maker

Herman Hamburger

Report number: RC 1.193

Advice date: 18 September 2023

NK 3401 - God Appears to Abraham at Shechem by C.N. Moeyaert (photo: Museum Catharijneconvent)

Lisser & Rosenkranz (B)

Report number: RC 1.195-B

Advice date: 13 June 2022

NK 1408 - Christus aan het kruis met Maria, Maria Magdalena en Johannes de Evangelist

Alfred and Fanny Mautner

Report number: RC 1.184

Advice date: 25 November 2020

NK 2216 - The Marriage Feast at Cana by J.G. Platzer (photo: RCE)


Report number: RC 1.169

Advice date: 16 April 2019

NK 2584 - Banquet Scene with Musicians and Shuffle Board Players in an Interior by Dirck Franchoisz. (photo: Tom Haartsen)

Katz – Kummerlé (B)

Report number: RC 1.132-B

Advice date: 18 December 2017

NK 3754 - Woman Kneeling by a Bed of Tulips (photo: RCE)

Gosschalk II

Report number: RC 1.156

Advice date: 16 oktober 2017

NK 2935 - A young draughtsman sitting at a table by G. Schalcken (photo: Peter Cox, Eindhoven)

Abraham Katz – Kummerlé (A)

Report number: RC 1.132-A

Advice date: 16 October 2017

NK 3752 - Bathseba after the Bath, circle of Jan Steen (photo: RCE)


Report number: RC 1.152

Advice date: 20 February 2017

NK 1715 - Portrait of an Officer by J.F.A. Tischbein (photo: RCE)

De Haan (II)

Report number: RC 1.150

Advice date: 8 November 2016

NK 1416 - Triptych by P. Coecke van Aelst (photo: RCE)