Recommendation 1
The committee recommends the government to provide the opportunity to submit claims on works of art from the NK collection within a period of two years following publication in the Staatscourant of the government policy formulated on the basis of these final recommendations.

Recommendation 2
One year prior to the termination of the period in which claims may be submitted, the government should widely publicize the impending lapse of this opportunity.

Recommendation 3
Claims from foreign private individuals on works of art possibly unjustly recuperated to the Netherlands should be dealt with conform the claims of (the heirs) of owners who lost works of art within the Netherlands.

Recommendation 4
The committee recommends that possible claims from another country on works of art in the NK collection should not be submitted to the Restitutions Committee, but should be dealt with in bilateral consultations with the government of the country concerned.

Recommendation 5
The committee recommends that the works of art from the NK collection, which can definitely or to a high degree of certainty be categorised as stolen, confiscated or lost to their original Jewish owners through forced sale and for which no legally entitled parties can be indicated, should, during an exhibition be fitted with a plate which states their provenance. The committee also recommends that these objects be valued and that the counter value ascertained on the basis of this valuation be made available to a Jewish cultural charity.

Recommendation 6
The committee recommends making an indexed percentage of the proceeds of the recuperated works of art sold up until 1952 available to a Jewish cultural charity.

Recommendation 7
The committee recommends the allocation of half the amounts referred to in Recommendation 5 and 6 to the Cultural Heritage Foundation of the Portuguese-Israeli Community and the remainder to the Jewish Historical Museum, which should use the fund thus created to stimulate a wide range of expressions of contemporary Jewish culture.

Recommendation 8
The committee recommends the allocation  of any possible incoming repayments for the restitution of works of art in accordance with Recommendation 7.

Recommendation 9
The committee recommends that the documentation compiled during the Origins Unknown  Agency’s research should be preserved permanently and as complete as possible and be lodged in the National Archives. There, the material must be made accessible to official interested parties and - in due course – to all interested parties. The government should take suitable measures in order to preserve this documentation and to keep it accessible.