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  • ‘Claim exhibition’ of paintings, drawings and tapestries in Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 1950
    ‘Claim exhibition” in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 1950
  • Amerikaanse soldaten tonen roofkunst op het Duitse kasteel Neuschwanstein, 1945
    'Monuments Men' at Neuschwanstein Castle (Bavaria), 1945

Looted Art & Restitutions Committee Documentary

To mark twenty years of Dutch restitution policy, the Restitutions Committee has released its Looted Art & Restitution documentary.

It shows how the Committee does its work and how it prepares recommendations and rulings. The documentary also reveals how emotional the process of unearthing the history associated with an artwork can be for descendants.

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Advice on applications for restitution

about the committee

The Restitutions Committee has advised on Nazi looted art in the Netherlands since 2001. It also shares knowledge on the subject through newsletters, lectures, symposia and publications. The Committee was established by the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science but operates independently. It consists of seven members and a secretariat and is based in The Hague.


View the latest recommendations/binding opinions

  • Binding opinion regarding Stern-Lippmann / Eindhoven City Council II


    The Committee has assessed an application dated 25 February 2019 for restitution of the painting Blick auf Murnau mit Kirche by the artist Wassily Kandinsky. The request for reconsideration by the Eindhoven City Council and the Applicants was submitted on the grounds of new facts that apparently had emerged from correspondence and lists of artworks that were not previously known to the Committee. The Committee has established that these documents do indeed contain new facts.

  • Lisser & Rosenkranz (B)


    In a letter dated 15 December 2021 the Minister asked the Committee for advice. This was prompted by the restitution application from XX, one of the heirs of Franz Koenigs, to the Minister in a letter of 18 November 2021.

    NK 1408 - Christus aan het kruis met Maria, Maria Magdalena en Johannes de Evangelist
  • Feldmann (II)


    In a letter dated 13 December 2018, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science asked the Restitutions Committee for advice about an application for restitution of the drawing The Mariage of Tobias and Sara by the artist Pieter Coecke van Aelst.

Network of European Restitution Committees

International cooperation

Germany, France, Austria and the United Kingdom also have restitution committees for advice on Nazi looted art. In 2017, the five European restitution committees expressed their wish for closer cooperation and sharing knowledge. This resulted in the establishment of the Network of European Restitution Committees on Nazi-Looted Art. The Network meets regularly and publishes a Newsletter with contributions on restitution matters from the different countries.

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