The members of the committee

The Restitutions Committee comprises lawyers, a historian and an art historian.

W.J.M. Davids (Chair)

lawyer; was president - previously justice and vice-president - of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. He was also a junior civil-law notary, senior lecturer at the University of Groningen, judge at and, later, vice-president of the Court in Assen, and president of the Benelux Court of Justice. He was also chairman of the Committee of Inquiry on Iraq.

J.Th.M. Bank
historian; retired professor of Dutch history at Leiden University, specialising in Dutch cultural history.

R. Herrmann
lawyer; justice and vice-president of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, as well as justice and, until recently, vice-president of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. Former chair of the Dutch section of Amnesty International; also member of the Human Rights Committee of the Advisory Council on International Affairs.

P.J.N. van Os
lawyer; former civil-law notary; former deputy justice at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

E.J. van Straaten
art historian; former director of the Kröller-Müller Museum, former member of the Museum Acquisitions Committee 1940-1945, established under the auspices of the Netherlands Museum Association.

H.M. Verrijn Stuart
lawyer; legal reporter/analyst, essayist, member of the Advisory Council on International Affairs, former scientific employee of the Clara Wichmann Institute.

I.C. van der Vlies (vice-chair)
lawyer; professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Amsterdam; previously a member of the Dutch Council for Culture, member of the Public Administration Council and chair of the Committee evaluating the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act.


The research agency

To perform its duties, the Restitutions Committee enlists the support of its research agency/secretariat under the management of Mr R.A.M. Nachbahr (General Secretary). The secretariat also comprises the following staff: Ms A. Marck (deputy director/researcher; acts as the Committee's spokesperson), Ms T. Brandse (office manager), Ms I. El Achkar (management assistant), Mr E.J.A. Idema (legal assistant), Ms A.M. Jolles-van Loo (archivist), Mr F.M. Kunert (researcher), Ms J.M. Mooren (researcher) and Ms E. Muller (researcher).

The staff members investigate the claims and report their findings to the members of the Committee. They look after the day-to-day affairs and prepare the Committee meetings.

The Committee’s secretariat is located at Lange Voorhout 13 in The Hague and it also has an office at its disposal at the National Archives of the Netherlands in The Hague.