Symposium on international collaboration in claims for Nazi-looted art

THE HAGUE – To mark its tenth anniversary, the Dutch Restitutions Committee is staging an international symposium about claims for Nazi-looted art in the Peace Palace in The Hague on 27 November. The symposium will be opened by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker, and experts from the Netherlands and abroad will focus attention on the question of how to arrive at fair and just solutions in claims to looted art.

On 27 November Jet Bussemaker, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, will open the international symposium Fair and just solutions? Alternatives to litigation in Nazi looted art disputes: status quo and new developments, being staged by the Restitutions Committee. During the symposium in the Peace Palace, Chairman Willibrord Davids will welcome delegations from four other European looted-art committees and the Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues from the United States. Under the leadership of moderator Chazia Mourali, prominent academics, lawyers, (art) history experts, art dealers, representatives of museums, auction houses and interest groups will explore the question as to what a fair solution is in cases of disputes about Nazi-looted art, and which form of dispute resolution is best, regular courts or an alternative form. Important points of discussion will be future developments, including a possible period of limitation, the place of Nazi-looted art in the issue of restitution in general and the question as to whether there is a need for greater international collaboration.

More information about the symposium
For the symposium programme and further information about the participants, please refer to the Restitutions Committee website. During the symposium journalists will be given an opportunity to put questions to the Chairman Willibrord Davids and to the Director Evelien Campfens.
Should you have any questions please contact Annemarie Marck (Deputy Director) at or by telephoning +31 (0)70 376 59 92.

The Restitutions Committee
The Restitutions Committee advises the Minister of Education, Culture and Science on looted-art claims relating to items of cultural significance owned by the State of the Netherlands. The Restitutions Committee also acts as a binding advisor in disputes between other parties. This relates to works of art that are not in the government’s possession, but are held by a provincial / local government institution, a foundation or a private individual. Since January 2002 the Restitutions Committee has issued 114 recommendations and 135 cases have been submitted to it.