Press releases

Overview of recent press releases:

Press release Published Concerning recommendation
Koenigs collection Kiev claim rejected 23-06-2014 Koenigs III (Kiev claim)
Paintings returned to Jewish art lover's heir 14-03-2014 S.B. Levie
Nazi looted art returned to daughter of jewish owner (II) 24-01-2014 Hamburger (II), Hamburger
Koenigs collection claim rejected 10-12-2013 Koenigs (II)
Three paintings dating from the Golden Age returned to the Goudstikker heirs 05-11-2013 Goudstikker - Kummerlé collection, Goudstikker (EN)
Nazi looted art returned to daughter of jewish owner 28-08-2013 Hamburger
Positive decision on claimed sixteenth-century tapestry to heirs of Oppenheimer 30-05-2013 Tapestry ‘Chastity with two putti’ (Oppenheimer III)
Opinions regarding claims to paintings in four Dutch museums 08-05-2013 The Landing Stage by M.F. van der Hulst (Semmel/Groninger Museum), Stag Hunt in the Dunes by Gerrit Claesz. Bleker (Semmel/Municipality of Haarlem), Christ and the Samaritan Woman at the Well by B. Strozzi (Semmel/De Fundatie), Madonna and Child with Wild Roses by Jan van Scorel (Semmel/Centraal Museum)
Positive decision on claimed Jan Steen to heirs of Mautner 24-01-2013 Mautner (B), Art dealership Katz (B)
Restitution of Van Brekelenkam painting from the National Art Collection 24-01-2013 Arnhold (B), Art dealership Katz (B)
Application for restitution of 188 paintings from Katz claim rejected 24-01-2013 Art dealership Katz (B)
Rijksmuseum to retain Riemenschneider sculptures 17-01-2013 Von Goldschmidt-Rothschild
Meeting of Five European Committees / Symposium in the Peace Palace in The Hague (26/27 November 2012) 30-11-2012
Symposium on international collaboration in claims for Nazi-looted art 13-11-2012
Restitutions committee advises on two claims to looted art (RC 1.115-B/RC 3.129) 18-09-2012 A Gubbio dish from the Gutmann collection (Gutmann IV-B), Allegory of autumn by Jacob de Wit (Gutmann/Province of Drenthe)
Restitutions Committee issues recommendation on two claims to looted art 25-05-2012 S. van Leeuwen, Morpurgo (II)
Restitutions Committee advises on two art claims 17-02-2012 Rosenbaum (B), Gutmann (IV-A)
Restitutions Committee issues recommendations concerning four claims to looted art 02-02-2012 Jonas, Arnhold (A), Hiegentlich, De Haan
Press release RC 1.60, RC 1.114-B en RC 1.120 19-07-2011 A sculpture in Fritz Gutmann's collection (Gutmann III-B), A bronze statue Stonemason by C.E. Meunier, A bronze sculpture Hercules (Oppenheimer II)
Press release RC 1.82-A, RC 1.108 en RC 1.114-A 14-04-2011 Mathiason, Rosenbaum, A five-piece garniture from the Gutmann collection (Gutmann III-A)
Press release RC 1.99 29-11-2010 Glaser
Press release RC 1.113 26-07-2010 Gutmann II
Press release RC 1.96, RC 1.100, RC 1.104, RC 1.105 en RC 1.109 05-07-2010 Stern, A persian medallion carpet (Wolf/Van den Bergh), Joseph Stodel, Zadick, Rosenberg
Press release RC 3.95 31-05-2010 Binding advice on dispute over the painting Road to Calvary
Press release RC 1.97, 1.78, 1.81 AND 1.89-A 25-11-2009 Hollander, Mautner, Schönemann, Bachstitz
Press release RC 1.70 03-09-2009 Larsen
Press release RC 1.75 03-09-2009 Semmel
Press release RC 1.90-A 03-09-2009 Art dealership Katz (A)
Press release RC 3.93 28-10-2008 Binding advice concerning the dispute over The Marriage of Tobias and Sarah by Jan Steen
Press release RC 3.45 17-04-2008 Binding advice on restitution of A Prayer Before Supper by Jan Toorop
Press release RC 3.48 13-03-2008 Binding advice on restitution of Thames at London by Jan Toorop