The Restitutions Committee only issues recommendations on works from the National Art Collection/NK collection at the request of the Minister for Education, Culture and Science (OCW). This means that an application for restitution has to be submitted to the Minister for OCW.

The postal address for submitting applications for restitution is:

Ministry of OCW
Attn. Minister for Education, Culture and Science
PO Box 16375
The Netherlands

If the application meets a number of minimum requirements, the Minister will submit it to the Restitutions Committee for advice. It should at least be clear what work it is about, where the work is currently located and who originally owned it.

The applicant will then receive a letter from the Committee explaining the procedure. They are also sent a questionnaire asking for more information about the work being claimed, such as what work of art it is about, what the applicant’s relationship with the original owner is, and under what circumstances the work of art was lost.

The procedure followed in NK cases is explained in greater detail here.